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What Is This Thing?

Do your mixes suffer from lack of depth?  Do your mixes sound narrow and flat?  Are you tired of all your mixes sounding like they're "in a box" when you mix "in the box"?  Then you need the Gemini!

The Gemini is an analog summing mixer that allows you to take your digital mixes out of the computer and put them back where they belong - in the analog realm.  Everyone knows you can't beat the sound of an analog console when it comes to getting the best audio quality for your mixes.  The only problem with consoles is that they take up a lot of space and require ongoing maintenance over time, especially for vintage equipment.  With the Gemini you get all the benefits of mixing down on an analog console in a convenient 2 unit rackmount piece of gear.

Passive Analog Summing

What makes the Gemini truly unique is that it offers both a passive summing output in addition to an active summing output.   By taking the summing output from the "Link" jacks, all inputs are routed directly to the passive outputs without any intervening circuitry, just like the old consoles used to do.  What you get is a completely uncolored signal output that can be fed directly into the preamp of your choice for makeup gain to bring the mixed signal back to line level.  While in passive mode, your mixes take on the sonic attributes of the connected preamp, so your coloration is only limited by the preamps you have available in your studio.  The possibilities are endless.

Configurable Active Summing

But wait, there's more!  If you choose not to use passive summing, the real tonal possibilities of the Gemini come to life.  What makes the Gemini unique is the summing mixer itself. Instead of a single summing amplifier found in every other summing mixer on the market, the Gemini has an option for TWO different summing amplifiers!

If transparency is the goal, then the Gemini can utilize high end IC opamps with low noise and harmonic distortion characteristics to provide an ultra clean and transparent circuit.  In this mode the analog summing of the input signals is as uncolored as possible, providing the most accurate and faithful result possible.

If, however, more colored signal processing is desired, then the Gemini offers a Class A discrete amplifier circuit reminiscent of some of the most identifiable and sought after sounds in recording history. This option is designed to accept any amplifier conforming to the 2520 footprint specification, which means that discrete opamps from API, Millennia Media, John Hardy and others are all usable within the unit. The main benefit of this summing circuit is that the DOA imparts a tonal character that colors the signal in a good way.  Mixes tend to be punchier and slightly aggressive while still retaining all the smooth silkiness that only high quality signal processing can provide.

Gain And Output Level

A unique feature of the Gemini is its ability to allow the user to increase the gain of the input signal to the summing amplifier.  In some cases driving the amplifier slightly to produce a hotter signal can enhance the processed signal and impart a bit of warmth and pleasing harmonc distortion.  The additional gain, however, may overload the inputs to the DAW as a result, and so a corresponding output level attenuator has been included to return the processed signal to unity levels.  The input gain is selectable between 0dB (unity gain), +3dB and +6dB, and the corresponding output attenuator is selectable between 0dB, -3dB and -6dB.  In additional, there is an output level that acts similar to the fader control on a mixing console that provides variable attenuation between 0dB and minus infinity.  

Inputs And Outputs

The Gemini comes stock with 16 channel inputs that are hard-wired to stereo output pairs with odd numbered channels routed to the left output and even numbered channels routed to the right.  Channel pairs 1-2 and 3-4, however, each have a selector switch to assign the outputs to either a stereo or mono for center panning each channel.  This provides enough flexibility to assign mono channels like kick, snare and bass while still maintaining pan automation within the DAW when sending outputs to channels with stereo Left-Right pairing. In addition to the 16 routable inputs, there is an additional Link Input that accepts a stereo pair from other Gemini units.  In this way multiple units can be daisy chained to provide an unlimited amount of summing expansion.

To provide as much flexibility in the studio as possible, the Gemini has two sets of outputs from the active summing circuit.  Not only do you get a dedicated set of outputs to go directly into your recorder or DAW, but there is also a second set that duplicates the mixed signal and can be sent directly to your monitors.  Why spend hundreds of dollars on a separate monitor controller when you don't have to?  The Gemini has it already built in! Both outputs are controlled by the Output volume control on the front panel.  Each unit is hand calibrated to precisely match the left and right output signal levels, thus ensuring the stereo field imaging is not altered due to level discrepancies.

Did Somebody Say Transformers?

And if that weren't enough, the Gemini also includes output transformers to further enhance the sonic character of the summed mix.  Add to that separate Monitor outputs in addition to the main Mix outputs, and you've got an indispensible piece of gear that not only provides an unprecedented level of flexibility in the studio, but also transforms your mixes into something spectacular in the process!


The base model Gemini comes stock with a high end IC opamp summing amplifier for ultra transparency and includes OEP output transformers.  Additional upgrade options are outlined below:

  Base Model Gemini   $2599
  2520SMD (API Clone) Discrete Opamp   +$125
  SL-2520 (API Clone) Discrete Opamp   +$175
  John Hardy 990c Discrete Opamp   +$175
  Cinemag CMOQ-2S Output Transformers   +$125
  EA 2623 (API clone) Output Transformers   +$125
  Jensen JT-123-SLCF Output Transformers   +$175

All quoted prices exclude shipping charges which will be determined at the time of sale. Please contact us for more details on how to order yours today.

Please note: All Gemini units are MADE TO ORDER!  Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for build time and delivery.  All units are made in the USA by hand and as such have a level of detail and quality not found in units mass produced overseas.

All products carry a 1 year parts and labor warranty.

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